PSA: Series, Segments and More...?

Happy black history month! Happy love month! Happy February in general. It's been a couple months but I've been working! If you look around, you'll notice things are a little different. If you're new, welcome! I hope you like what you see so far. Because I know the internet is a much bigger fan of sections and pictures, I'll give you updates that way. Go on and scroll down. 


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I've revamped the newsletter! The color scheme and design has switched up a little bit. You can also expect to see a monthly quote, letter, posts from the previous month (so you can keep up) and inspirational videos from YouTube. To sign up, click here.

You Are Not Mine: Series

You Are Not Mine Series.png

Do you remember when I mentioned starting a love story series? Well it's finally here! Based off You Are Not Mine, the series focuses on the life cycle of loving someone. All the crazy shit you do in the name will be found here. To submit your story, click here.



This started out as something new to do on my Instagram but I figured I should incorporate it into the site. Every Monday, I post a song I'm listening to on repeat and use the hashtag #goddesssounds. If you want to join in, use the hashtag!



Last but certainly not least, I've launched my freelance work page. I'm trying to be a hyphenated professional and have more than one stream of income. This where you can submit post ideas, ask me to guest blog and request my freelance writing services. You can read more about it here.

It may seem like a lot at one time but I think it's worth it. I hope you guys do to.

The Year of Change

Hey. It's been a while. Happy Holidays or whatever (as my grandma says). But as the year is wrapping up, I'm taking the time to plan for next year that's coming in...a week. 

Here's a rundown of some of the things I'm working on.

  • Site Design
    • The site is getting another makeover. I'm trying to make this here blog/site sleeker and easier to find any and everything any of you could need. You should see changes on New Years Day. 
  • Newsletter
    • The newsletter will start up again in January. But I NEED YOU GUYS TO SUBSCRIBE! It's great that you occasionally wander over here, but I need you to stay. When you subscribe, it helps me know my audience cares. So subscribe.
  • Blog Series(es)
    • So, I'm starting a love poem series called You Are Not Mine. It started with my poem in the beginning of this year called You Are Not Mine and it was about someone I started to have feelings for but knew it wasn't going to work out. I released Volume 2 at the end of last month and I'm starting Volume 3 soon. Volume 4 onward will be other's stories of love and loss. If you would like me to write about your love story, email me!
  • Services
    • There will be a Work page where you can request my services. I'm trying to have a bigger voice and start working as a freelancer, in addition to my 9 to 5. This site doesn't pay for itself. The services shall include:
      • Poem requests
      • Post requests
      • Blog writing (for other blogs)
      • Copywriting
  • Possible podcast?
    • It's still an idea I'm fleshing out but maybe sometime next year I'll start a podcast. I have no idea what I'd talk about or when I'd start recording with my co-host or if I'll even do this. But I thought I might as well put it out there.   

If there's anything else I start working on, I'll let you know. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram to stay in the loop. Always send me DMs and stay real.

Post Op Thoughts


Second, I made a few (ok more than a few) cosmetic changes on this here site and I wanted to give you all a heads up. I'm still making some small last minute changes but here's what to look out for.

  1. New navigation: It's still at the top but it's purple. Who don't love that regal color? 
  2. URL changes: Since all posts have been reorganized, each URL will be adjusted. If you can't find your favorite post, go here and shoot me a message. I'll email you back, promise!
  3. Announcement bar usage: It's here to stay. I need you guys to subscribe! Tell your friends! Share EVERYTHING! The message up top may change from time to time but it will stay. 

Lastly, thanks for reading. 



PSA: New Ideas

Hey guys! So while I'm writing a new post for the SFI: Advice segment/section/category, I'm also working on a new blogging series based off of You Are Not Mine , the story/poem about two people falling from friendship to something else in an...unusual circumstance. 

I'm also working on an email newsletter!

Early content!


Inspirational quotes and videos!

Not sure what else I'll put together but the wheels are turning!

I want to hear what you want to see from me. What are your suggestions? Email me, tweet me, comment below, however you feel like letting your voice be heard. 

I'm listening. 

PSA: Innovate and Move On

Let's get real about why I really write. Because it's become painfully obvious that I'm not connecting the way I hope I would have. Who's looking for mental health advice and look-on-the-bright-side positivity from me? 

I write to stay away from the darkness. The pettiness (which isn't going away). The sadness. The worries about alcoholism, sexual assault and child abuse. I write to be a better person. But I think my problem (or at least one of them) is that I don't explain where I'm coming from. I haven't given you all of the bad shit. The weird shit. The why would you do that shit. This is what this blog is here for. To share myself and to grow. To move forward, always. 

I write about turning things around because I need to turn things around. As we go into this new year, I want to focus on being more available on a Shonda Rhimes glow up tip

So allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Evon. I'm a black, queer woman who writes and tries to live happily.

I give advice to myself because I'm a mess sometimes. I share it because I think someone will understand my perspective.

Occasionally I write poetry because apparently I have a way with words and life is more often than not ironically funny.

My short essays reflect moments of clarity when looking at the world.

Lastly, I keep a biweekly diary to reflect on my choices and to figure out where I'm going next. 

Still here? Good. Go on and click that subscribe button to stay in the loop. And y'all can always comment on send me an email

Cheers to innovation and progress!

Quick Questions

What do I say? What do I give to the world? I have so many thoughts to organize but I'm not sure how to anymore. I started this blog to have a different home for my poetry. Now I barely write.

I thought maybe I could start making videoes but then I worried about how photogenic I am.

I thought maybe I should ha e designated topics but I haven't been consistent.

Maybe it's because no one is listening. Maybe I'm not interesting enough. Maybe this isn't the place to show off how much I think about how I can't figure things out. Maybe I need to get out of my own way.

I want to write again but I don't know how to start.

This is not like riding a bike. Fuck nyone who says so.

Anyone else feel me?