PSA: Innovate and Move On

Let's get real about why I really write. Because it's become painfully obvious that I'm not connecting the way I hope I would have. Who's looking for mental health advice and look-on-the-bright-side positivity from me? 

I write to stay away from the darkness. The pettiness (which isn't going away). The sadness. The worries about alcoholism, sexual assault and child abuse. I write to be a better person. But I think my problem (or at least one of them) is that I don't explain where I'm coming from. I haven't given you all of the bad shit. The weird shit. The why would you do that shit. This is what this blog is here for. To share myself and to grow. To move forward, always. 

I write about turning things around because I need to turn things around. As we go into this new year, I want to focus on being more available on a Shonda Rhimes glow up tip

So allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Evon. I'm a black, queer woman who writes and tries to live happily.

I give advice to myself because I'm a mess sometimes. I share it because I think someone will understand my perspective.

Occasionally I write poetry because apparently I have a way with words and life is more often than not ironically funny.

My short essays reflect moments of clarity when looking at the world.

Lastly, I keep a biweekly diary to reflect on my choices and to figure out where I'm going next. 

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Cheers to innovation and progress!