Step 23: Accept Rejection

Everybody said, “Follow your heart”. I did, it got broken
— Agatha Christie

One of the worst things someone can tell you is no. No is painful, not because you're selfish but because you worked hard to get a yes. It's especially hard if you were waiting for an answer. I don't handle being in limbo well. Either I'm here or I'm there. Either I'm standing tall or laying on the floor. Recently, I hit the floor.

I got my answer but it was a no.


Sometimes that no is exactly what you needed to hear. Maybe that proposal you submitted was rejected because you rushed it. Maybe you weren't accepted to your dream program this year because it isn't time to take that one yet. A no has the power to get your priorities straight. It shakes you awake because you were walking around hoping and dreaming of a future that wasn't going to happen.

And I know that makes you sad or angry or nostalgic of a time when you didn't have to worry about that. But don't waste time focusing on those emotions. Don't get stuck. You'll lose time being upset over a decision that's already been made. The better option is to tell yourself that particular no shouldn't stop you from doing what you need or want to do.

The lesson for today is to respect the rejection. It's there for a reason that will be revealed later. Now excuse me while I leave a message to someone.

I really wanted to hate you. Anger is much easier to deal with. But it won’t change anything. You have your own person. You deserve to at least try with her. Just know that if you want me in your life again, you have a spot.

Evon Williams

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