At the crux of change, I find myself backing away.

My words have always left the residue of a dream edging closer to reality.

I'm almost done.

Opportunities for future careers are spinning around me.

I always did get dizzy quickly.

I'm almost done.

Leadership roles and hectic schedules are bombarding my serene space.

New people, unfamiliar places, and small things fueling the desire to run are exhausting me.

But I'm almost done.

I keep chanting that sentence in my head,

using it to propel myself to the graduation finish line.

There's a letter waiting to be written to all of the turmoil I've faced in a hell I call home.

But I can't write it because I'm still almost there.

Almost is the most frustrating place to be.

The ultimate gray area,

the cruelest joke,

the greatest illusion.

The future becomes more elusive the harder I try to grab it.

I just don't want all of this to be in vain.

Evon Williams

Lover. Writer. Freelancer. Emotional and Mental Growth enthusiast. Sex Positive Supporter.

You can find me @goddessevon on most social media sites.