Step 9: Avoid the Petty

Remember when you were dealing with one particular asshat that would do the one action that would always grind your gears? And do you remember when said asshat needed you to help them do something? You had a choice to make. Kick them while they were down or help them in that moment. They are a human being right?


It is so hard to take the high road. Turn the other cheek. Smile at your enemy and walk away. Or even help them. But to be a better person, sometimes you need to do just that. Now don't click that red X at the top just yet. I know that it feels so good to watch that person get what they deserve. Personally I miss whatever good may come to me trying to exact revenge.

There have been too many times when I have let relationships with people die just because I'm in my feelings about something they did. I let things fester and then blew up in a passive aggressive manor. After I calm down, I realize that I made a huge decision based on emotion alone. I didn't think to look at their side of the situation. I just wanted them to hurt like I did.

Don't let it get you in a situation you could have avoided. Talk to the person who's bothering you. Come to a resolution so you can be better. It doesn't make you weak to want to sort out differences through words instead of setting someone's house on fire. And please do it before you have children! It's selfish to pass that along to a child who didn't ask for that.

The lesson for today is to let the pettiness go. Pettiness is glamorized to give you the brief satisfaction your inner child is looking for. But think: do you really want to be that person your whole life? Do it enough times and you'll have no one around.

Evon Williams

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