Step 3: Be More Selective

Going with the flow has been ingrained in my mind that it's the ideal behavior. Something comes up?

That's cool.

Deadline get changed?


Need to make a group decision?

Whatever y'all decide is cool.

This helps employers, family members, friends and professors get anything they want from me. Flexibility is starting to turn into being on call at all times. When you answer the phone without checking first, you hear the most off the wall shit.

Sometimes it's your friend's guy troubles you've heard so often you want to know why he said that. Sometimes it's your supervisor asking you to pick up an extra hour on the already extra shift. Sometimes it's the person who doesn't understand the idea that a conversation is about both people conversing. I've spent too many moments realizing too late that I should have said declined the Chipotle run with someone who annoys me. I mean it's Chipotle, how could I not say yes?

The lesson for today is choosing when to say yes. Chipotle, my guilt, nor my adventurous side will put me in another place hating everyone around me. Most of all myself.

Evon Williams

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