Step 8: Be Open

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If someone would have told me that I would be in a completely different city trying to juggle my home life and my budding career all before finishing college, I would have walked away. Just shaking my head and letting out an annoying laugh while I walk away. Well imaginary person, you were right! And I was rude to let that sound out of my mouth.

Currently I am closing the deal on my third paid gig in a new mid-atlantic city. A few months ago I was hiding in my dorm room and crying uncontrollably. This new scenery is good for me. Going into a historical city almost every day and coming home to a beautiful suburb helps me stay positive. But I would have never discovered this if I would have stayed with my original plans for life. Having tunnel vision made me miss out on all the possible roads I could have taken and the great opportunities waiting for me.

The lesson for today is to be open. Sometimes the road less traveled is the best road for you. If you need a break from a situation, take it. Then come back and see if you have a new perspective. Hopefully I will.

Evon Williams

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