How to Stay Calm While Working

As someone who has to work for a living and stays in her feelings, work can be rough. But I don't always have the luxury of tending to my feelings during working hours. I know I'm not alone! But there has to be a way to keep myself centered and get my work done. I know lots of people say you just have to push but honestly some people don't know what they're talking about. Here are some ways I keep my head in the office.

1. Prioritize tasks
Whenever I start my work day, I'm always bombarded with urgent unread emails, new projects and at least a couple people who want to have a meeting. And everyone and every thing wants to be answered immediately. Before you start hyperventilating, let me tell you something. It's not possible. You can't do everything at the same time and some things can be put on the back burner. Get in the habit of categorizing your tasks, keeping a list and take a breath. You have a system now.

2. ‎Organize your desk/work space
This is especially for all my cubicle having friends. People dump things on your desk all the time and rarely do they place the items nicely. A cluttered work space can overwhelm you into thinking you can't possibly finish everything. You can! You just need to start with a "To Be Completed" pile, a "In Progress" pile and a "Completed" pile. From there organize it the way you feel most comfortable.

3. ‎Window shop
If you work near a lot of shops, stop by and take a look around. See what styles are available and if you have time, try things on! It's a real mood booster. If you're surrounded by nothing enticing, download your favorite fashion app (because we know your employer is checking your internet usage) and bookmark items you want to wear.

4. Listen to music
Invest in some great headphones, choose a playlist and silently dance while finishing up that report! I can be seen sporting these when coworkers get way too loud for my liking. You may even discover new music like I do with Spotify and Tidal. (Someone tell them I want to work with them.)

5. Take a walk
A little fresh air does wonders for a stressed worker. Actually take your break and stretch your legs! I know we can get really wrapped up in our work but you'll go mad if you keep at it. Some blood circulation helps to clear your mind of a lot of negative emotions floating around your job.

6. Doodle
You're in your weekly meeting listening to your coworkers go on and on about something you couldn't care less about and you can't leave. You consider taking a nap but you know you have a review coming up. We've all been there. So what do you do? Take some scratch paper and draw some stars (or whatever you want to draw. I'm not the doodle police). Use that pen for stress relief rather then what you really want to do.

7. Leave when the day is over
Stop staying late every day! There will always been more work to do. That's why you aren't a seasonal employee. When the clock strikes whatever is the end of your shift, pack up your stuff and go. And when you do walk out those doors, take another breath. You got through the day!

What are your self help work tips? How do you get through your day?

Evon Williams

Lover. Writer. Freelancer. Emotional and Mental Growth enthusiast. Sex Positive Supporter.

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