Chapter 10

Everyday I learn something about myself. Today I've learned just how bold I am when I let go of nerves.

Me after I successfully thirst trapped a new guy. You couldn't tell me anything.

Me after I successfully thirst trapped a new guy. You couldn't tell me anything.

I spent last week in a room full of accounting professionals. This week was spent around people trying to get their work done. All the adultness is as intoxicating as it is eye opening. I'm the youngest person in my department but this time, I don't mind it. Being surrounded by coworkers who actually want to be at work and don't vividly hate their boss is a dream.

However I'm very aware of how easily I could get complacent. Is this position exactly what I want? No. But it is a stepping stone. I'm already looking at other departments that more closely align with my career goals. But for now, I'll stay put and keep learning.

As for my thirst trapping, it's going pretty well. I have my eyes on a new guy. We met earlier this year and kinda fell out of touch. Thank technology for being my wingman because now I'm going for drinks. Out with the old, in with the new right? Don't worry, I'll start talking more about my dating life in the coming weeks. Trust me, it's juicy stuff.

In the last chapter I mentioned improving my organization skills.'s a work in progress. My life is constantly changing and I'm just trying to keep up. Work with me people! When I know how this will go, trust me you'll know too!


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