Classic & Unrestrained

My swagger is unisex. Comfortable means one leg up and slightly open. Natural means combat boots, big sweaters and a high puff on my head. Sometimes I reach for a little something extra when I'm mad. All unladylike. All classic me.

I wasn't interested in being the belle of the ball. I was too busy getting tackled because of them. I still haven't mastered heels. You should see my feet and legs shake of the preconceived notions I try to force on them. I tend to find myself in the middle of major cities without shoes, wild hair flowing in the wind, laughing uncontrollably.

Gender norms haven't played well with my rebellious spirit. Heavier tones escape my mouth on a regular. Much too heavy for a woman. But I say fuck that.

I am more lady than you think.

I am more man than you want.

The master of towing the line in more than one way, I am flexible.

That's what makes me desirable. Because you can't figure me out.

Evon Williams

Lover. Writer. Freelancer. Emotional and Mental Growth enthusiast. Sex Positive Supporter.

You can find me @goddessevon on most social media sites.