Step 5: Compassion For Oneself

When you meet me, I'm probably going to be the nicest person you encountered that day. I step aside, hold open doors and always apologize for bumping unto you. My niceness is extended to everyone but myself. I'm at my most cruel and unforgiving when dealing with myself.

While I understand self deprecation is unhealthy, I seem to fall for the same traps. Even when people forgive me, it takes much longer to forgive myself. Going forward with my life, I don't want to continue to do that. I want to show myself and others around me that although mistakes will be made, I am still worthy of good things.

The lesson for today is forgiveness. When I focus on the negative, I forget the qualities that make me amazing. I don't want to pass this down to my little ones in the future. I want them to love themselves.

And that starts with me.

Evon Williams

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