Death to Fearless

Bare with me, I have something in my heart I need to share.  I don't know about you but I need to have the things that frustrate me in my life. I need lies and betrayal and adversity and disappointment and hopelessness and expectations and goals and anxiety and neurotic thoughts. Because who am I without them?

I am not positive by default. I am not brave at all times. The lie fed to me is that bravery can only exist when negativity is gone. Excuse me but that has always sat in my GI tract. Not even the strongest fluids can accept that.

Fear is a necessary emotion. To eliminate it would defeat the purpose of the positive effects. I was at my best when I was scared shitless. When I was shaking in my boots. When I was backed up against a wall. When I was lost deep in the confines of my mind with all exits locked.

So here lies fearlessness. May you rest well in the land of unicorns and unattainable expectations.

You are one of the biggest fallacies I will bury every day I draw a breath.

Don't worry, your absence will bring about a new understanding. Something I can consume with ease.

Evon Williams

Lover. Writer. Freelancer. Emotional and Mental Growth enthusiast. Sex Positive Supporter.

You can find me @goddessevon on most social media sites.