Ebola, Miscommunication, & Men

There is too much misinformation being spread around on the Ebola crisis. A university professor is dishing out conspiracy theories on where the virus is coming from. Citizens are attacking and killing medical professionals. Cities in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea are turning into emergency rooms. This has become a snow balling disaster. As a human race we should be trying to figure out why there is such a strong distrust of doctors in these regions. We need to figure out how to contain this virus and keep these people safe. Fear is starting to manifest in the worst way. If there’s nothing else we do for prospective sick people, it should be informing them on the symptoms and precautions they can do to help.

What is it about men in powerful positions feeling the need to assault people weaker than them? An Alabama district court judge has been charged with battery of his wife. True to the nature of these kinds of domestic abuse cases, this isn’t the first time he has hit his wife. This time is different because people know about it. Now there are talks of his resignation along with comparisons to NFL players. The comparisons doesn’t bother me because someone’s life in the public eye shouldn’t be the same if they abuse someone else. It reinforces the idea that is the correct way to handle frustrations with your spouse. Once you put your hands on someone, it shows them how little respect you have for them. If as an adult you can’t discuss your disagreements with your significant other without raising your hand to them, the problem lies with you.

Evon Williams

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