I used to love the mystery to you. The way I couldn't quite pin you down.

How you were down the street one day and in another state the next.

The well known two way connection left me with a busy tone when I needed you most.

You were the most beautiful butterfly in my life.

Oh how impressionable I was then.

I was able to love you through the disappointments. I thought maybe this will make me stronger. It will make him stay this time.

What stopped you from running completely? Was it the few distant memories of your absentee father? Were you afraid of not falling far from his tree? Was it your drive to persevere despite the challenges?

It's clear now that you never wanted this role.

Daddy was too much to bear. The courage to stay grounded for your children is a lost art. But how can I blame you knowing that you have wanderlust in your veins? You love to explore places that don't remind you of your responsibilities.

In the end, my brother and I became your ball and chain. I feel betrayed every time your phone is voluntarily cut off. You said you would always be here for us.

I guess you stay true to who you are.

Loners don't need families.

Evon Williams

Lover. Writer. Freelancer. Emotional and Mental Growth enthusiast. Sex Positive Supporter.

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