Four Letter Words

For the majority of my life, someone has tried to curb my adoration for curse words. Every reason from every person has fallen under these statements:

People won't take you seriously
You're too smart to use those words
It's not ladylike

All of the above used to sound like nothing but control. I thought that people wanted to put me in a box they thought was best for me regardless of whether it was or not. Today, I mostly think that. But what people fail to tell you is using these language enhancers is all about context.

Granted you may want to refrain from using your favorite NSFW word around someone's grandmother or someone else you're trying to impress. But you tend to use them around people you're comfortable with. It can also foster a sense of solidarity with your coworkers. So when someone tells me they take me less seriously because I muttered "shit" under my breath, I can know they're full of it.

Now if I'm dealing with an elitist stick in the mud, I'll usually hear a lecture on their disappointment since I'm so intelligent and my vocabulary should be much more expansive. According to The Daily Mail, cussing can improve my resiliency. Life can be tough, often. So when people curse, they're using a calmer mechanism to handle stress rather than going on a murderous rampage.

While we're on the subject of emotions, it's also inferred that I should use colorful euphemisms instead of those sailor endorsed words due to the fact that I am a woman. Once I stopped rolling my eyes, I found a study that proves that most new parents curse around their kids. That includes moms, an exclusive club I shall become apart of in the future. So far, majority of kids raised by moms have been fine despite the presence of a few "fucks" thrown around.

The point is what's the harm in spicing up my conversations when science is on my side? And what's the point in judging other people for saying things we all say when no one's around. I'm just a bit more upfront.


Evon Williams

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