Step 19: Learn to Plan

A goal without a plan is just a wish.
— Antoine de Saint-Exupery

We're all a mess. And life seems to conspire against us all. There's school/work, family, friends, bills social obligations as well as personal time that need to be dealt with. How can you deal with it all without running in front of a moving car?

First, calm down. Help is on the way.


Second, to answer your question, you need to prioritize and plan. Start getting into the habit of looking at everything you need to do and say this one question: How important is this? I promise this will blow your mind. Say it right now. Is this as important as I think this is? Ask this with every single task you have, no matter the size. Once your done, you'll realize what all that work was: prioritizing.

The fun part is phase two: organizing. Now I know this may sound as exciting as getting caught in a cactus farm (Do those exist? Google will know.) But think of it this way. You're putting everyone into neat boxes and placing them in times that best serve you. Everyone is playing Tetris and you are the game. You get to reject the shape they tried to force on you. You are the ultimate game lord!

*ahem* Ok the lesson for today is two-fold. First, you need to plan. It's one of the first steps of getting your life together. Second, know that you control what you do. Not your mom, boss, significant other nor the subsequent guilt said people may throw your way. So start moving those pieces. Make the best scheduling sense for you.

Evon Williams

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