New Topics and Fresh Voices Revitalize Podcasts

Maybe my tastes are changing or maybe I’m maturing. Whatever it is going on with me, podcasts have become a growing favorite for media consumption. It seems like the rest of the country is feeling the same. I’ve seen more articles written about podcasts within the last few months than I ever have. Typically podcasts seem like they are for the older educated crowd. Now the audience has been opened up to the millennials. But not just any millennials. Millennials of color! That’s right, we can comprehend concepts without a bouncing beat behind it.

Sarcasm aside, it’s nice to see more relatable faces, or more accurately voices, working in the media speaking on topics that affect me every day. My favorites are The Read and Another Round with Heben and Tracy possibly for selfish reasons. The hosts of those shows look and sound like me. But really, they inspire me to embrace how amazing I am and have the potential to be. Even if that means I have the ability to focus my articulation to put someone in their place.

What’s even more interesting are the ones that are geared toward men or shedding light on the inner workings of careers like The Brilliant Idiots and Explain Things to Me. While I don’t always agree with what Charlemagne and Andrew Schulz have to say, they help me consider the male point of view. Although you probably won’t see me looking up what it takes to be a mortician, Anna Akana and Brad Gage bring in someone who will make me reconsider.

What about you guys and gals? Who are your favorite podcasters?

Evon Williams

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