Reserved Trips To Space

From millionaires to middle class dads, people are investing thousands of dollars into space explorations. By space explorations, I mean visiting the moon and planets the same way tourists travel to Times Square. We must really be entering the future. We don’t know much about how these trips will work but curiosity always seems to take over. Surprisingly even the CEO of Amazon has taken an interest in this celestial road trip. He’s apparently preparing to get his feet into the space tourism industry. There’s even a name for this. One, if not the biggest, concern of this new endeavor is how safe these trips may be. Two space shuttles have crashed during flight tests already. What’s to say it won’t happen on a wider scale with people onboard? We could stand to lose some of the greatest people Earth has ever seen. This also makes me wonder where this leaves the astronauts. Remember them? They were the brave scientists who risked their lives with cutting edge technology to tell us what we’re surrounded by. Maybe this will contribute to the downward trend.

These are exciting times we are facing. We could be starting a new milestone with these launches. We might even find intelligent life out in space. I’ll remember to keep my eye on this new industry.

Evon Williams

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