Rough Drafts Are Evil (But Necessary)

When I was a kid in English class learning how to use adverbs and pronouns and prepositions correctly (which I don't do exactly correctly to this day but who's paying attention?), my teacher told me to write a rough draft. One of many I would come to find out but still, a draft. Don't ask me what the subject was but I remember feeling a sense of dread come over me.  I imagined having an evil spirit looming over to taunt me while I tried to write a simple draft. Then the paper collects my fallen tears. 

I think I have a fear of drafts. And as I writer I know that it's an unavoidable part of the process. I also understand that it's a bit ridiculous to be afraid of a task. However, the fear persists. It's like drafts are laughing at me and my inability to finish what I started. 

I hate it because how I save myself isn't considered right when I write a rough draft. It's not complete yet. I haven't solved the problem. And I don't want to present my unfinished issues. That's my business. My cross to bare. But what I share to the world should be complete. It should complete me. I know that's a lot to ask for from some words on a piece of paper or a blog but since I was a kid, it soothed me. More than my humming to myself as I fell asleep. More than calling a friend and hearing reassuring words. Seeing the evidence, the facts, the truth is what always brings me back. That's why I write. To find truth in my life. 

Now I'm trying to jump start a career where writing and networking are the cornerstone pillars of a success story. These are the years that are the making of a legend. When you're spending so much time trying to figure out what's the right language to use for press materials, you end up getting to the end of your rope for the day. And you need to take a break before you break a desk. You know what that leaves you with? A ROUGH DRAFT!  

This post was a draft for months before I could sit down and situate my thoughts. Slowly I'm figuring out how important they are to the writing process. Streams of thought don't always bless the keyboard. Writer's block is a real issue. Also we all get busy. Drafts give you the time to organize what you want to say. They can help you figure out how your target audience can best receive what you have. We write to solve problems. Drafts are apart of the process. 

Do you agree or are you trying to figure out how to shoot drafts? Comment below and we can work something out!


Evon Williams

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