Shock & Awe: Trump's Game Plan

Sometimes talking about something makes it seem more important than it really is. That has been my overwhelming impression of Donald Trump's run for President. I'm not going to give you a synopsis of who he is. At this point if you don't know him, you've been living underneath a very comfortable rock.  Oh how I envy that rock. Since his announcement to run for the chance to be the commander-in-chief, there has been an overwhelming surge to cover everything about this man. As the American public, we know how much he craves attention. From the TV shows to the defunct business ventures, Trump tries his best to stay in our faces. This is just his latest stunt.

Almost everyday when I pick up the newspaper or scroll down my Twitter feed, his name and the next ridiculous statement he makes pops up. The fascination surrounding him is as baffling as why he is still in the race. Ask Trump about his views on foreign policy and he'll give you a soundbite that will drive readers to your blog or newspaper. But is it for the right reasons?

Washington Post  paper (4/1/2016)

Washington Post paper (4/1/2016)

Donald Trump makes outrageous statements. He alienates people of color. He may be pulling this out of a place where the sun don't shine. However what he does have is an infectious buzz. How much longer will we fuel his fire? How many times does Trump's name need to appear? How many feature stories do people have to devote to this man's campaign?

Aren't we better than this?

Evon Williams

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