Step 4: Stay Consistent

On my quest for success of every kind, I get bombarded with advice on how to achieve it. One of the main ones is to make good habits. By good habits, they mean doing uncomfortable, hard things repeatedly until it becomes second nature. That doesn't mean you'll like those awful things over time. No one likes being responsible. And if they do, they are usually devoid of spontaneity even in the smallest sense. It just means you'll appreciate the success when you get it.

Logically I understand this concept. But I have a hard time practicing what everyone is preaching. My particular problem is that I start something strong, confident, and determined. Then I get distracted or discouraged and stop. Lately, I've been improving. Now I come back to whatever I started and try to stay positive. While it's easy (and has been done before) to blame everyone for being arrogant enough to give outdated advice, it doesn't change anything.

The lesson for today is to keep up good habits. I have to accept the fact that good habits make it easier for success to show up. The dreaded tasks of eating healthy, working out, waking up on time, studying, etc. are all on my to-do list. But this is what people do to get success right? Right?


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