Note to Family

You will not make me feel bad for choosing myself. You can no longer have that power over me. You haven’t earned it and I’m tired of handing it over to you. You cannot ransom my time and happiness to alleviate your sorrows. My shoulders are too sore for doing it for so long.

You cannot use your maladjusted feelings for other family members to make me do your bidding. I will not be on anyone’s side. Everyone is wrong but no one wants to right the situations. It is no longer my job to do so.

I refuse to fix you. I refuse to fix you. I refuse to fix you.

While the guilt is strong in me, it will no longer bend to you. I will not bend to you. I have a responsibility to myself and to what I build. If you want to be apart of that, make the steps. Come out of your comfort zone the way I’ve always had to. If that is too much for you to even imagine, keep your desires away from me.

Your selfishness is no longer welcome here.

The woman who’s had enough

You Are Not Mine [Vol. 3]

You Are Not Mine [Vol. 3]

You were the first person I wanted to make a forever with. You gave me hope that we could grow into our roles as soulmates. I actually called you my soulmate, well not to your face. I had just met you in computer class and we couldn't legally go on a field trip without permission let alone try to forge a union.