Vices Keep Us Grounded

When someone comes to me and lists all the good things they take pride in, I start to get a little twitchy around them. Why are they focusing on all the good they do? Is this a diversion from that closet full of dead bodies? Much to my disappointment, their dark secret is their not-so-social drinking participation. Sinister in its own way, but still underwhelming compared to my guesses. I wonder, even after finding their truth, why they try to hide it so much.

Yes, some of the great things we do positively effect how we view ourselves. But aren't we tired of trying to be holier-than-thou all the time? It must get lonely on top of that throne. From there, everyone looks like heathens who are unworthy of the king's presence. They need insert-personal-moral-compass-here to be around him. If you're rolling your eyes at the thought of it, congratulations, you have vices and are relatable.

Even when you think of the deadly vices, we can identify with them on some level. Take greed. Did you know there's a good side to it where someone isn't exploited and left for dead? An entrepreneur described it as "when two or more parties come together to work out an agreement with the intent to generate substantial value or revenue -- or often both -- and all parties involved win." For example, you and a friend create a GoFundMe for your startup online boutique. That's still greed because you're not doing it solely to clothe other people. You ideally get paid. But it's not hurting anyone.

And how about lust? Remember the quest to find primal bliss? You'll "do anything to maintain the high you feel when you get it." Yeah that's morally wrong too. But who can find someone who hasn't looked at someone else with intense desire? Not all sexual experiences are intertwined with love, nor should they always be. There are a multitude of reasons to give in to lust. Check out the list here.

Although weakness isn't technically a vice, we treat it like one. It's not acceptable to talk about our journeys if they include our powerless moments. Strength is supposed to be our only option. One of the problems with expecting round the clock stability is looking for confirmations from the highly accomplished. However when you ask them, they emphasize that "leaders who don't acknowledge their weaknesses flounder in the end." That 'I'm always strong. I don't let anything get to me' is bullshit.

Usually our vices teach us the most about ourselves. As I'm writing this today someone told me not to discuss the alcohol I consume, the sex I have and any other non-ladylike activities I may partake in. Those actions have influenced how I look at myself and how I empathize with others. People want to talk to people who aren't always perfect. I'd rather be a human than a precious princess any day.

Evon Williams

Lover. Writer. Freelancer. Emotional and Mental Growth enthusiast. Sex Positive Supporter.

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