What Have You Been Voting For?

As a millennial from a southern state, voting on certain issues has caused me to get into heated debates. One of the most prevalent issues that makes me lose my cool quickly is immigration reform. I’ve seen too many families destroyed because of outdated rules. I’ve also seen the prejudice attached to the backs of anyone whose family came from the wrong side of the border. The red parts of my hometown don’t agree with me as well as the rest of my state. President Obama is trying to push through the refusal to discuss prospective citizens and pass bills. However the people we as a country elected to be members of Congress are putting up roadblock after roadblock. Why do we keep electing these men who don’t even want to do their jobs? Are we even voting on the issues that plague America? By the looks of this roster of Congressmen, I think not.

It could possibly be the image of the Congressman. As long as they put off the perception that they are willing to work, they’re a shoe in. Seems like perception is all we as a country receive anymore. As I continue to grow up, I’ll continue to think before I cast my vote. Maybe my vote one day will bring a family back together.

Evon Williams

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