Work VS. Life As a Woman

Facebook and Apple was under a microscope a little while ago when the companies’ coverage to freeze eggs provided to their female workers came to the forefront. From the companies’ perspective, it makes absolute sense to supply a solution to the work life versus personal life dilemma. Women can work as hard as men do without worrying too much about the early bundles of joy waiting in a freezer. Productivity should increase, shouldn’t it? After all, women make up over half of the American work force. From the female perspective, this coverage is insulting. Their choices are almost taken away if they take their employer up on the offer. What about women’s lives outside of work? What about their hopes of having it all? Many women continue to work while pregnant and well after giving birth. Gone are the days where women never returned to their posts after labor pains.

It’s understandable from both sides of this issue. As a young woman, in the coming years I would have to figure out which events matter more, my future son’s baseball game or the office luncheon. It’s the plight of the modern woman. However, it brings up questions on how to properly decide. Do companies really have the right answer? Only time will tell. Until then, Facebook and Apple female employee will either accept or decline the offer.

Evon Williams

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