You Are Not Mine

You could be if I really put in the effort. 

You could be a better man, slay dragons, discover the greatest side of yourself. I could put you on the path of soul repair. I'm the kind of woman who makes real power players. I could be your Claire, Mr. Underwood.

You could be if I didn't care about other people in your life.

Your person is more of a ghost isn't she? Have you started comparing her to me? She's not that spectacular. I mean if she were, I wouldn't be here listening to your dreams. Brainstorming sessions would include her in your future but she never seems to show up. 

You could be if you were ready. 

There are no such things as grown toddlers, baby. Only men who are scared of what awaits. Your security blanket is about to be ripped from your hands and have you thought about the people around you? Are they drowning you or helping you swim?

Oh your levy has broken? Tell me what flows around you. What has been rotting behind the unstable barrier? The secrets you utter only under the comforting cloud. Worries that invade your ignorant bliss. I shouldn't bare witness to this and you shouldn't lean this heavily upon me but here we are, both struggling to stay upright. 

I am not a prize to collect.

Not a treasure you found but an escape. Your personal Narnia you keep tucked away. Your perfect ideal. You described me to my intended and don't even realize it. What kind of man have I allowed inside me? 

This fantasy shall die here. We're disentangling from the intimate illusion we've woven. You were never good for me and I was never good for you. Not enough to be more than friends. 


Evon Williams

Lover. Writer. Freelancer. Emotional and Mental Growth enthusiast. Sex Positive Supporter.

You can find me @goddessevon on most social media sites.